35,000€ for green solutions for your business!

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Hello, Green Entrepreneurs!

We have an amazing opportunity for you! Now you can win as much as €35,000 for a pilot implementation of the innovative auditomat® system. This is a chance for sustainability and savings for both your company and the environment.

“Show that you are a leader in green transformation.”

Join the greenSMEhub program and receive a non-refundable grant for green improvements to your manufacturing processes. Invest in audomat® that will conduct a thorough audit of your operations, identify areas of optimization and contribute to financial and environmental savings.

Don’t waste this chance! Get 35,000€. Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your company in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Feel free to contact us – implement green solutions today!


Introduction The aim of the GoStandard project is to develop a transparent, user-friendly and fully [...]
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A system to support the conduct of audits, quality control and nonconformities management
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