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Employee suggestion system

The auditomat® employee suggestion system is a key element in building a culture of continuous improvement at the company.
It allows employees to actively participate in the process of improving quality and efficiency by enabling them to quickly submit suggestions for improvement. Without having to log in or have an account in the system, employees can easily submit their ideas via a mobile device, tablet or computer. Employee suggestions are integrated with audits, allowing for ongoing monitoring of progress and effective implementation of changes. With this system, the company can respond efficiently to the needs and ideas of its employees, which contributes to dynamic growth and improvement in all areas of the business.

Identification of areas to improvement

auditomat® enables you to conduct regular audits, such as 5S audits, health and safety audits, TPS audits, or internal audits, in various areas of your organization to identify potential areas for improvement. With the ability to track progress in real time, manage audit performance data, and automate audit and incident management processes, auditomat supports effective Kaizen activities.

Cooperation between departments

auditomat® facilitates collaboration and communication among the various departments and employees involved in Kaizen initiatives by providing a central place to share information, report issues and track progress. This increases transparency and accountability in improvement processes, which contributes to the successful achievement of goals within the organization.

3 key features

Ad hoc submissions

Ad hoc submissions

Statistics of nonconformities and actions

Statistics of nonconformities and actions

Photo handling
Photo handling auditomat

Photo handling

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Poligal auditomat
"Thanks to the support of the auditors' work with the platform, the areas that are most important to us are verified more often and with greater accuracy. To complete the audit, the auditor must go through all audit questions and approve each area. We observed that thanks to this, more problems and potentially hazardous events are reported, which has an impact on the safety improvement in the plant. We see also more positive developments at the production section."
Izabela Hamal
R&D Engineer @ Oben Group Poland (before: Poligal)
Thule auditomat
I can see that thanks to the platform some areas look more transparent to us, there’s order in them. We can react to any nonconformities in them immediately, earlier. Without the help of the tool it sometimes took us up to 2 weeks for the nonconformity to appear on the list of things to fix.
Mateusz Berg
Production Specialist (Region Europe & ROW) @ Thule Sp. z.o.o.
Tomasz Król auditomat
"I often see audits carried out by halves. There are several reasons. The most common are: auditors not having time, not applying themselves or not wanting to incur audited colleagues' displeasure. I recently came up with a brilliant solution. auditomat® does the trick. The audit can be carried out by everyone on their own, auditors don't have to waste time entering data, counting points and compiling results. Everything is being made by itself. Definitely worth checking out."
Tomasz Król
Founder of the Institute of Development of Production
Classen auditomat
We’ve been using this solution since 2022. Thanks to it we’ve been able to shorten the time of audit preparatory and after-audit procedures, as well as the time of audit itself. It’s a complete revolution! Before it was introduced our internal audits absorbed a lot of time of both auditors (preparing a database, printing mark sheets as well as the analysis of the register of corrective and remedial actions) and the supervisors of the audited areas.
Cezary Palewski
Production Director @ Classen-Pol S.A.
A system to support the conduct of audits, quality control and nonconformities management
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