Thule is an international leader in the development and manufacture of sustainable products that enable active lifestyles for people around the world. From roof racks to multi-sport trailers, Thule specializes in creating safe, easy-to-use and fashionable solutions for families and outdoor enthusiasts. With their wide range of products, including roof racks, roof boxes, bicycle racks and multi-sport and bicycle trailers, Thule plays a key role as a global market leader. Striving for continuous improvement, Thule continuously invests in innovative technologies to provide its customers with the best products that meet their needs for active outdoor activities.
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The Challenge
The client reported a need to speed up the audit process, reduce response time to nonconformities, and digitize the company's operations. Generating complex reports using a variety of methods, by a team of many people, has not always been in line with the idea of efficient targeting and effective problem solving. Due to the long time required to prepare audits, the number of audits was limited. There was therefore a need to streamline the audit process, especially in the context of 5S audits, which are key to maintaining the organization's high standards.
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The solution
The introduction of auditomat® allowed a significant reduction in the time needed to prepare audits, which enabled the client to conduct audits more frequently and in a more systematic manner. Thanks to auditomat®, the work of those responsible for adhering to standards and conducting audits at the company has been accelerated. As a result, the company can manage processes more effectively and respond more quickly to any nonconformities, which contributes to improving overall operational efficiency. The implementation of Audomat® has enabled effective work automation, eliminating the need to take notes, copy photos and manually process results. The introduction of an audit schedule has enabled auditors to easily monitor the dates and locations of future audits, eliminating the need for email reminders.
In the first instance, the auditomat® system supported the customer with 5S audits, and then further audit types were introduced, which were integrated so that all audits could be managed from one place. This made audit documentation always available at hand, on the computer and on the phone. Once the audit is completed, all reports are automatically forwarded to the people concerned. The person responsible for a particular site can easily access all information related to the selected area in one place.
In order to create a single data source from which information from multiple audits, such as 5S audits, health and safety audits, and Quality audits, audomat® was used to digitize all types of audits performed at the company. This centralization of data has enabled the client to take a more holistic approach to process management and make faster decisions based on comprehensive analysis. All audit results, nonconformities and corrective actions are available in one intuitive system, increasing convenience and management efficiency. With this solution, the client can more easily monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of activities and take appropriate steps to improve processes and standards in the organization.
The business effect
The introduction of auditomat® has had a direct impact on improving the order of documentation and saving audit-related staff time. The new system has provided clearer and more organized areas, enabling faster response to nonconformities as they arise. As production specialist Matthew Berg noted: "Thanks to this, some areas now look clearer, there is order in them. We can respond to nonconformities immediately, previously it took us up to two weeks to get an nonconformity included in the list of tasks for improvement."
The introduction of auditomat® has allowed more effective process management and faster elimination of problems, which has contributed to improving the company's business efficiency. With more effective audits and better monitoring of standards, the company can respond more quickly to challenges, and take quicker and more effective corrective action. auditomat® provides valuable support in achieving established goals for quality, Lean philosophy and safety.

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