35,000€ for green solutions for your business!

Hello, Green Entrepreneurs! We have an amazing opportunity for you! Now you can win as much as €35,000 for a pilot implementation of the innovative auditomat® system. This is a chance for sustainability and savings for both your company and the environment. “Show that you are a leader in green transformation.” Join the greenSMEhub program […]

Optimal Audit Academy: #1 The butterfly effect, or why doesn’t IT work for us?

Having participated from the very beginning in the creation and development of auditing, I have met many committed individuals and organizations taking different, sometimes even completely extreme approaches to conducting audits. Whether it was short talks during breaks at conferences, individual presentations, or long-term implementations, each meeting, each person was an opportunity for me to […]

Optimal Audit Academy!

Have you ever wondered: “What about the audit process – is it an integral part of your continuous improvement cycle?” Here is our new initiative to share our knowledge, experience and insights on monitoring standardization and various audit processes in a completely unusual way. This is a new perspective for all who want to look […]

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