Optimal Audit Academy!

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Have you ever wondered:

  • do you conduct your 5S audits in accordance with Lean principles?
  • Do you monitor the standardization of work, jobs and processes in a truly organized and, just as importantly, standardized way?
  • Do you evaluate the effectiveness of the processes themselves in an efficient manner?

“What about the audit process – is it an integral part of your continuous improvement cycle?”

Here is our new initiative to share our knowledge, experience and insights on monitoring standardization and various audit processes in a completely unusual way. This is a new perspective for all who want to look at lean philosophy and continuous improvement in the context of comprehensive standardization of quality, safety and efficiency improvements in the organizations where we operate.

These questions arise from the extremely valuable observations we have gained from analyzing hundreds of audit processes in a wide variety of organizations – from small service companies to gas stations to multinational manufacturing corporations. In the course of engaging meetings, participation in conferences and conducted implementations, we encountered a variety of challenges, difficulties, as well as different perspectives on how to solve them and proven practices.

Join us at the Optimal Audit Academy – be inspired by our experiences on the road to full standardization of audit processes.

The first installment of the Academy is coming up next Wednesday!

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