The Classen company is one of the leading manufacturers of interior doors and door frames in Poland. It delivers its products to over 36 countries. It employs over 500 workers in a 28-hectare production facility in Zwonowice. Thanks to its rich experience, advanced technologies, and commitment to excellence, Classen has gained recognition from customers in various markets, providing not only aesthetic but also durable and functional products.
Classen Case Study
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The challenge
Before implementing auditomat® internal audits at Classen were a time-consuming process requiring a significant amount of effort from auditors and audited areas' supervisors. Preparation of question databases, printing assessment sheets, conducting audits, and analyzing results, as well as recording corrective and preventive actions, absorbed many resources, limiting the effectiveness of operations and hindering a quick response to the company's current needs.
The solution
The introduction of auditomat® was a game-changer for the company. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to significantly reduce the time of preparatory procedures, conducting audits and the time of the auditing process itself. The traditional methods of preparing a database of questions, printing assessment sheets and analysing a register of corrective and corrective actions have been replaced by a simple, intuitive application interface. Currently, conducting an audit comes down to passing the audited area in accordance with the path and approving it in the application. All data, suggestions for corrective actions and reports are generated automatically after clicking "complete audit". As a result, the entire group of interested parties receives a report, summary and recommendations to be implemented in the blink of an eye, which significantly improves management processes.
The business effect
The introduction of auditomat® in 2022 marked a milestone for Classen in terms of improving audit processes. It was a time of intensive efforts aimed at transforming the way the company conducted its audits. The auditomat® system paved the way for more effective process management by eliminating unnecessary procedures and optimizing the time required to conduct audits. The new approach to auditing resulted in increased awareness of responsibility for individual areas and adjustment of audits to the current needs and process changes within the company. auditomat® enabled audits to be conducted both in a cyclical form and tailored to the current needs of the company, offering various options for audit paths.
Thanks to the use of Auditomat®, the company increased the number of conducted audits as well as their frequency. The integrated audit quantity was doubled, reaching nearly 50 audits per year. As a result, each department underwent auditing 4 to 5 times, representing a significant increase in audit frequency. This allowed the company to better monitor processes and respond more effectively to any discrepancies or areas requiring improvement.

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