This simple system has revolutionized the work of people who are responsible on a daily basis for compliance with quality standards and conduct various types of audits in the company.

Get rid of handwritten notes, sheets and strenuous results analysis by effective automation of your work with auditomat®. From now on, you can have audit documentation at your fingertips, available on your computer and smartphone. You can receive audit results immediately after its completion.
Monitoring your standards has never been easier!


5S audits, OHS, TPM, LPA, BRC, Near Miss… System's intuitive configuration interface allows you to create simple checklists as well as complex audits.

Thanks to the options for defining and conducting any personalized type of audit, auditomat® can be successfully employed in any industry as an invaluable support for lean managers, production managers and managing directors.

All audits in one user-friendly system.


auditomat® offers also a set of features supporting continuous development process:

  • audit standards management
  • advanced audits scheduler
  • automatic distribution of audit results
  • nonconformities register management
  • planning and monitoring of corrective actions (Action Plan)
  • versatile analyses and statistics


All you need to use the system is a web browser, and the compatibility of the audit functions with mobile devices allows you to conduct an audit on any smartphone.

All this makes working with auditomat® super simple and fast, anyone can perform an audit or report a potentially hazardous situation on a scheduled date or ad hoc, if necessary.


auditomat® platform is a tool that has modernized audit processes in many organizations. Its use guarantees positive effects and tangible benefits – time savings, increased quality of products and services, work safety improvements as well as high overall satisfaction level of the employees involved in the process.


auditomat® is also a guarantee of the quality of workmanship and security of data processed by the system, confirmed by ISO certificates.


auditomat® is offered in two subscription models - per user or per audit list (eg. 5S, OHS, TPM, LPA, etc.). To select a specific model, use the switch below.

Subscription model: per user per audit list

Plan Standard Enterprise
Monthly fee per user (paid annually)* 19.99 Contact us
Monthly fee per user* 23.99
Number of users > 200
Number of active audit lists (2/user) 10 > 400
Number of defined audit questions unlimited unlimited
Number of audits carried out per month unlimited unlimited
Storage capacity for multimedia documentation 5GB > 400GB
YES/NO questions
Complex questions - personalised answers (scores)
Grouping questions
Registers and actions
Registers of audit nonconformities
Corrective actions planning and monitoring (Action Plan)
Data export to Excel
Additional registers of nonconformities/enquiries/employees’ suggestions (1/user) 5 > 200
Unlimited number of enquiry/employees’ suggestions users
General schedule (monthly)
Detailed schedule (weekly)
Schedule generator
Data security
Data security policy compliant with ISO 27001
Dedicated server VPN connection
Free system updates
E-mail/online 24 hour ticketing system
Free 1-day training with consultations during implementation
Designated support contact person (direct contact)
Trainings/novelties presentation (once a year)
Company logo in the application interface ("branding" / "customization")
Possibility to use your own domain name
* prices exclusive of VAT
Self managed (on premise) installation
Perpetual licence Contact us


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